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"First in friendship."

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Deaf Awareness Week is upon us here in the UK! :D These pictures highlight the importance of lip-reading for Deaf and hard of hearing people all over the world…

We hate it when people mumble

we hate it when people cover their mouths

we hate it when people shout thinking we’ll hear better

we hate it when more than one person speak to us at the same time

we hate it when people do speak clearly….

BUT we do love it when people make the effort to talk clearly to us :)

Happy Deaf Awareness week!!


These are amazing.

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Don’t use the vacuum in the same room as her

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Awesome Women being Awesome

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Oh, jeesus i did not realize it was the SAME PLACE and now it hurts SO MUCH WORSE.

I have the Captain America: The First Avenger script book (nerd, nerd, such a nerd XD) and one thing I found really interesting is that, in the original script, the bar wasn’t destroyed. This whole scene between Steve and Peggy still takes place, but it’s just Steve back in the same bar, trying to get drunk (and failing).

Making it a bombed-out wreck was such a brilliant decision, though. As well as making this scene utterly devastating (there’s nothing that isn’t completely heart-stomping about Steve crying and alone in the bombed-out shell of a place he was once happy) it also underscores how thoroughly there’s no going back. His friend is gone, and even the bar isn’t there anymore. The wreckage of the bar is the wreckage of his LIFE.

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Kirk Sisko Picard. All awesome.

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→  john crichton

you’ve got a warm heart
you’ve got a beautiful brain
but it’s  d i s i n t i g  r  a   t   i    n     g

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Crichton’s butt is definitely a wonder to share

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My reaction to any exercise program…

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All of Leslie’s compliments to Ann

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This will make a lot more sense to people who have seen the movie. 

And now that I have see the movie I’m lolling endlessly!

Thank you @noobtheloser, you are a loser. I mean, you’ve lost stuff.

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Me whenever I don’t know why we’re laughing…

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